Radiostudio RadioMusicPlusLast friday i stumbled across a blogpost by Dutch Radio 3FM Radio DJ Bart Arens who made a post about Superfrog:

I’m not a gamer. It’s a waste of my time. Obviously, i don’t have a console.

Friendly request: Don’t laugh.
The only game that I ever played and finished was the Commodore Amiga platform game Superfrog.
Now what did I ask?!

It took me well over 2 weeks to get trough the 28 levels. The joystick was pretty much broken afterwards. Just now, i came across the game again, now as a PC game. I didn’t download it because I know i’ll lose myself in it again.

So. For 12 years I knew no one who knew that game and now i find this weblog. What an amazing game was that. I spent many days playing it when I was younger.

In hindsight, it might have been the most fun game I ever played…

A while ago I found an Amiga emulator, which allowed me to play the game on my computer again. It seemed more difficult than I remembered. I was not able to defeat the evil Witch in the end… Too bad, because the ending cinematic was quite funny 🙂

Also, I once made a webcomic. which used graphics based on the game.
For furute plotlines, I did some brainstorming and made some locations, including a radio studio, which is based on the studios of local radio station WebFM in Weurt. Check the picture for how that looked!

This article was translated to English and republished on the 18th of February, 2016.

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