This Summer, during the Wish Outdoor festival in Beek & Donk, I got the unique opportunity to interview my youth heroes, the Danish Euro Pop group Toy-Box. When I was 8, I was just about their biggest fan and I really liked their music.

Ever since then, their music gained a cult status and became a symbol for a part of the 90’s era music in the Netherlands. Not specifically the best taste of music, but music nonetheless. Like spice girls or vengaboys, it’s what some call their Guilty Pleasure. To me it was just happy bouncing pop music which fitted quite well with my ADHD-level of energy.

When I found out they would perform at Wish Outdoor, I instantly decided I needed to see them. This is about 20 years after 10-year old me first saw them live. It turned out I would be at work there with Wish Radio (powered by Glow FM), and took the opportunity of taking a recording set and ask all about their careers ever since.

The Interview

My childhood heroes turned out to be really fun people and I loved talking to them. For what I consider my first ever artist interview, it went quite well 😃

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