Roadmap to world domination – 1: Planning and Plotting

Like you all (should) know, i’ve been working hard for many years to achieve world domination. Ruling the world alone is usefull in many ways even if not for the cheesy pickup line “Hey baby, wanna rule the world together?” you could use in bars. But, there are also useful plans! As for a start, […]

About Pickaxes and burning in hell. And Krezip!

Alex has – to me- a kind of strange idea taste in music. Furthermore, Alex is slightly “sturdy” and maybe even “evil”. Evil in the way of “Going for absolute world domination”. Anyway, apart from that he is – just like me – very good in bashing on stupid stuff. Especially about artists he doesn’t […]

Tied up to the ground, we’re spiralling around…

I never saw the light I never saw the light I waited up all night But I never saw the light When we fall in love We’re just falling In love with ourselves We’re spiralling We’re tumbling down We’re spiralling Tied up to the ground We’re spiralling More music in the morning O+ This article […]