Weblog. Now with added English.

I have made a weblog! Why? To celebrate the year in which my weblog exists for ten years! 10 years ago, trough a domain name I started my first weblog and write quite some articles. Mostly in Dutch. Now, in 2016, i spend most of my days talking in English, so I imagine it would be quite a good idea to start writing longer stuff (and bullshit) in English.

Usually when I announce something new, what follows is at least a year of radio silence. However, to make sure this page doesn’t stay completely empty, I took liberty of translating some of my older weblog posts to English.

For a while I wanted to change the layout of my longlasting website to a slightly more calm place. In 2014 i completely redesigned my website and it was a very complete but also busy looking website. Lately I wanted it to look a bit more calm, and I think I managed to do so. Here is a screenshot of the old site for comparison:


What do you think?

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