About Pickaxes and burning in hell. And Krezip!

Alex has – to me- a kind of strange idea taste in music.
Furthermore, Alex is slightly “sturdy” and maybe even “evil”. Evil in the way of “Going for absolute world domination”.

Anyway, apart from that he is – just like me – very good in bashing on stupid stuff. Especially about artists he doesn’t like.

So he made a list of all artists that should eternally burn in hell. While people throw pickaxes at them. While they sit on an electric chair. This is his list:
Kane, Keane, Krezip, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Nickelback, All hiphop, Beyonce, James Morrison, Rihanna, Jason Mraz, Ilse Delange, Duffy, and many more.

This basically means Alex has a very bad taste in music, and they should lock him up in a room where they only play Krezip, Coldplay and Jason Mraz. On repeat. At 120db.For a year. With pickaxes.


Now it’s my turn to give it a try! I guess more people will like my list. 😛

– K3 :r and all other horrible music procuded by Studio 100
– Jan Smit :r
– Beyonce :r
– Britney Spears :r
– Paris Hilton :r
– Miley Cyrus :r
– Jennifer Lopez :r
– Wolter kroes :r
– Harry, Henk, Wouter, Jeroen and all other 1-person artist who have a fan base of 500 incompetent retards :r
– Hiphop and pretty much anything close to Rap :r

Addition: Dries Roelvink! :r Even if only for ruining the name Annelies!

Burn. Hell. Pickaxes. Get it?

Suggestions and/or additions are welcome!

This article was translated to English and republished on the 18th of February, 2016.

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